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Only 1 in 3 three women feels her pelvic floor and uses it appropriately.

Be this woman and join me for  the pelvic floor challenge. From May 4 through May 24th.

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Discover how to train & relax your pelvic floor, shape your body and still find energy for your loved ones.

Right now, millions of women - like you - are stuck at home. Gyms are closed and fitness classes are canceled. But you still need a postnatal or a pelvic floor class to keep your pelvic floor healthy. Maybe you've found a book or some video tutorials, but you're still not sure, what exercises are for you or if you do them in the right way.

Maybe you suffer from sexual pain or vaginismus. Or you just gave birth a few weeks ago and want to start a regular postnatal training. Or you missed your postnatal training and after a year or two you still have sagging skin on your tummy and your buttocks saw better years. Maybe your children have already grown up and once in a while you lose a few drops when sneezing or coughing.

No matter what situation you're in right now. You've come to the right place.

I have something you'll love.

Let's workout together!

All you need is 10-20 minutes daily just for you and a yoga mat or a towel.


Join me for the 21-day pelvic floor challenge!

All exercises and workouts during the challenge follow three easy steps

Step 1 - the first week

Get in touch with your pelvic floor

You start with a little anatomy, So that you know where to locate the pelvic floor and what these muscles are meant to do.

You know exactly how it feels when you activate and relax your pelvic floor the right way.

Join The Pelvic Floor Challenge
Step 2 - second week

Connect your pelvic floor

You learn exercises that connect your pelvic floor with the tissue and deep muscles of your hips, legs, belly, lower back and buttocks.

That's what makes your belly flat, your bottom nicely shaped and what frees you of abdominal or lower back pain.

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Step 3 - week 3

Integrate the pelvic floor in your workout

Muscles are made to move. With the workouts of this week your pelvic floor learns exactly what to do during your favorite workout, when you walk, sneeze, lift heavy bags and even while making love!

By the end of the week you will feel how your body changes and how your pelvic floor starts to do exactly what it should.

Join The Pelvic Floor Challenge

Master your pelvic floor in 21 days.

Take part in the pelvic floor challenge. From May 4th through 24th.

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